Hundegger Turbo-Drive installed at NTS Newcastle

A fourth Hundegger Turbo-Drive machine has now been installed by NTS, this time at the Newcastle site.

This is part of a programme of continued investment in modern technology to improve health and safety, quality, capacity, waste and efficiency across the division.

Hundegger TD

Jake Kirkley, NTS Operations Manager said: “The new saw installation has allowed us to increase capacity on all products manufactured at Newcastle – NTSROOF®, floor cassettes, roof trusses and spandrel panels.

“Its remarkable accuracy, speed, and waste reduction capabilities have increased efficiency as well as productivity. The T-D has effectively replaced three standard cross cuts, a four-bladed machine, and a resaw, demonstrating its exceptional versatility.

“In addition to the many benefits of the machine itself, the support from the Hundegger team through installation, commissioning, training and software familiarisation has been superb.”

NTS first invested in the machines in 2018. The new NTS site at Wolverhampton, which will open later this year, will also be equipped with a Hundegger Turbo-Drive.

Hundegger is recognised as the world market leader in CNC-controlled joinery machines.

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