NTS Expands NTSROOF Technical Support Team

As demand for NTSROOF - NTS’s factory-manufactured panelised roof system - has grown, the dedicated Technical Support Team has been expanded.

The dedicated Technical Support Team has been expanded to cover everything from sales and design to installation and follow-up customer service support.

“Each customer and each of their sites has specific requirements,” said Philip Carney, NTSROOF National Technical and Commercial Manager.  

“Our team works closely with each customer to ensure they find the correct solution, taking into account technical requirements, regulation compliance, thermal efficiency and cost effectiveness.”

The most recent recruits to the NTSROOF Team are Sales Manager Billie-Jean Bache and National Account Manager Steve Clark who have joined an ever-growing team of designers, planners and technical support staff. 

“We have expanded the team to ensure we continue to provide the level of service that keeps customers coming back to work with us,” Philip Carney added.

“Choosing NTSROOF means there is less to do on-site. As a factory-manufactured product NTSROOF has dimensional accuracy, offers faster installation and requires less time spent working at height.”


NTSROOF designs are capable of spanning over nine metres without the need for steel supports, and help housebuilders achieve Part L of the 2021 Building Regulations.

Nick Kershaw, NTS Managing Director said: “We expect to have the capacity to produce 3000 NTSROOFs this year, bringing the total number of roofs manufactured since the product was launched in 2015 to 10,000 by the end of 2023. That’s quite a milestone!  

“Work is underway to open a new manufacturing site in the Midlands to add to the four we have in Yorkshire, the North East and South West, as well as bringing a number of new products to market as part of a NTSROOF range.”

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