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Gable and Party Panels

Spandrel Panels

Designed, engineered, manufactured and delivered, this cost saving method of construction can be pre-insulated and fire-boarded in our factory.

Our expert team design and manufacture panels for both gable and party walls. Our panels can be used for timber frame and masonry construction and are simple to install with no complex anchorage needed. They can be supplied for most roof sizes, layouts and levels of complexity.

Gable and Party Panels

Panels offer a significant increase to the speed of build on site and they significantly reduce the length of time at which multiple tradesmen are working at height.

Our party wall panels are clad with a layer of 15mm Femacell, which negates the need for factory wrapping, as well as the need to remove and dispose of Polythene packaging.

Our dedicated team design each project to comply with your fire, sound and structural requirements to meet approved regulations.


Spandrel Panels Benefits

  • Cost effective solution which dramatically increases speed of build
  • Reduces amount of time working at height
  • Just one trade required during roof construction
  • No interruption to work for gable wall and roof construction
  • Experience & expertise
  • Complete design, fabrication & delivery service
  • Quick turnaround from design to delivery
  • Party Spandrels provide 60 min Fire Protection
Designed Fabricated Delivered