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Greenbox Floor System

What is GreenBox®?

GreenBox® is a floor cassette system which uses lightweight, low-embodied carbon-engineered timber, designed to support big bays and long spans in residential and commercial buildings.

GreenBox is a climate-friendly floor cassette system that performs like a concrete floor, but with less mass and a fraction of the embodied carbon. The design combines a stiff timber structure with a proprietary filling that dampens vibration and improves fire performance. And installation is simple: just lift in prefabricated cassettes and connect with screws – no special skills or equipment are needed.


GreenBox is a patented floor cassette system (a prefabricated panel that includes all necessary floor elements) made of plywood connected by wood joists. Inside, a filling – made entirely from recycled, nontoxic materials – provides vibration damping and fire protection.

GreenBox floors are suitable for both commercial and residential applications, and for new builds, expansions or renovations.

The panels drop into the building frame and are screwed together on-site. The long-span cassettes are perfect for column-free spaces and big bays. And the GreenBox system has two options for services. They can be run between the cassettes, or they can simply be hung from the structural panel that forms the underside of each cassette.


It can cut the total embodied carbon in a new building’s floors and frames by up to 40% – that’s a more than 20% embodied-carbon reduction for the building overall.* GreenBox is made from sustainable, low-carbon materials and it’s an extremely efficient system that uses less material than other mass timber or concrete floor options. The details:

  • A typical building’s frame and floors can make up about half of its embodied carbon, so reductions in the floor system have a big impact.
  • GreenBox uses much less wood than CLT and it doesn’t need a screed for vibration control.
  • The GreenBox system is much lighter than concrete slab-on-deck or CLT plus topping.
  • Lighter floors translate to smaller frames and foundations – saving more material and further cutting embodied carbon.
  • GreenBox’s lightness makes renovations easier and greener by reducing or eliminating the need for supplemental framing or foundations.
  • GreenBox doesn’t contain any toxic or off-gassing materials.
  • GreenBox can be made with more than 50% recycled content, and it is fully reusable and recyclable.
  • Simple fabrication and renewable materials keep its supply chain straightforward and steady.

*Based on London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) calculation that frames and floors make up 46-48% of the total embodied carbon in office and residential buildings.

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