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Metal Web Joists

Metal Web Joists

Crafted for Efficiency, Versatility, and Precision

Our Metal Web Joists are meticulously engineered to enhance efficiency in construction projects. Offering advanced versatility and precision engineering, these joists deliver unparalleled performance.

Whether you’re streamlining installations or expanding design possibilities, our Metal Web Joists redefine standards for builders and architects, offering superior structural support and flexibility.

Why Choose Our Metal Web Joists For Your Next Project:

  1. Flexibility: Simplify installations with easy integration of wiring, cabling, plumbing, and ducting
  2. Customised Design: Achieve longer spans and swift assembly
  3. Precision Engineering: Engineered to meet your design requirements (can be fine-tuned for specific project requirements)
  4. Enhanced Stability: Reduce risks associated with working at elevated heights
  5. Adjustable: Features solid timber “trimmable ends” for on-site adjustments (available upon request)
  6. Lightweight Construction: Easy handling for increased efficiency
  7. Architectural Versatility: Broaden your design horizons with diverse applications
  8. Easy Installation: Wide chords to facilitate seamless nailing and screwing
  9. Versatile Application: suitable for use on floors (commercial & residential) , and roofs (flat and pitched)


  • Over 40+ years of industry expertise and knowledge
  • Receive full design and technical product support
  • Enjoy regional and national delivery options for your convenience
  • Our materials are sourced legally and sustainably, prioritising our responsibility to the environment
  • Reliable & trusted delivery within 2-3 weeks
  • Fast quotes with a 7-day turnaround
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