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Pre-Insulated Wall Panels

Manufactured in our factory to achieve speed of build and an alternative to masonry infills, these structurally engineered panels have excellent thermal qualities.

Our pre-insulated wall panels offer significant benefits for timber frame construction and they are an effective alternative to steel and masonry wall structures.


Pre-Insulated Wall Panels

They have high thermal qualities compared to masonry infill walls and can be engineered to provide additional structural capability.

Factory manufacture ensures a higher level of dimensional accuracy than work on site, whilst increasing the speed of build and reducing on site labour costs.

Panels can be up to 2.4 metres high and 6 metres long. Lifting straps to aid off-loading and rapid installation can be fitted if required and panels can be wrapped for protection during transportation and whilst being handled on site. Once craned into position they can be clad with brick or timber cladding as part of the building process.

Pre-Insulated Wall Panels Benefits

  • Off site fabrication reduces construction time
  • Cost effective solution which dramatically increases speed of build
  • Can replace blockwork infills and long drying times
  • Higher thermal performance than masonry
  • High quality and increased dimensional accuracy
  • Designed & engineered for structural capability if required
  • Complete fabrication & delivery service available
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